A picture is worth a thousand words. Choose a photographer that speaks in complete sentences.

Session Details


 All sessions begin with a consultation where I take a moment to learn about what you’d like from our shoot; determine the types of shots you are going for; narrow down the character of the shoot; go over and select wardrobe options; and prepare you to get the most out of your session.

The Shoot

 Our shoots take between 1 and 3 hours to complete, including some time for make-up and wardrobe check, walking to a few spots near our studio, and any changes. Photography is a creative and collaborative endeavor; I’m always willing to take the time to get the most amazing pictures we can.


After each photo session, all shots receive general color- and exposure-correction and are then uploaded to a private photo gallery for your viewing as well as your agent, manager, and any friends you share the link with. 


 Your final selections will receive full color-correction along with any touch-up work necessary, and then included on a CD with the full shoot set. Selected images will be in very high resolution to ensure that your printed headshot looks as amazing as you do in person.